Other Fees & Charges

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitation, if any, apply to your account.

Limits & Fees

Replace Debit Card $15.00

Debit Card Purchase


Frequency limit No Limit

Point of Sale limit

$750.00 per day with Personal debit card

$1,000.00 per day with Business debit card

Cash Withdrawal limit

$500.00 per day with Personal debit card

$500.00 per day with Business debit card

Check Printing Fee depends on style of check ordered
Cashier's Check $5.00
Money Order $2.00
*Nonsufficient Funds Paid Item Fee $30.00
*Nonsufficient Funds Returned Item Fee $30.00
Account Activity Printout $1.00 per page
Account Research $25.00 per hour
Account Balancing Assistance $10.00 per hour
Copy of Statement $5.00
Stop Payment-All Items $30.00
Wire Transfer $25.00 (outgoing) $10.00 (incoming)
Garnishments $25.00
Executions $25.00
Levies $25.00

Dormant Account

There have been no deposits or withdrawals to the account, Fee applies when account is inactive for period of 12 Consecutive months.


Closing Account Fee

Savings account closed within 90 days of open.


Excess Withdrawal Fee Savings Accounts

Any debit item over 3 per quarterly statement.

$3.00 (Regular Savings)

$3.00 (Young Farmers Savings)

Charge for Statements Held For Pickup at Bank Per Month $3.00

*Items which may cause a nonsufficient funds fee include but are not limited to, checks, drafts and ACH transactions.

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